Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

YES Team

Ybor Environmental Services

The Ybor Environmental Services (YES) Team was established in December 2000 by the City of Tampa to address clean-up and aesthetic maintenance in the Ybor City Historic District.

As a visitor destination and popular entertainment venue, Ybor City requires additional services in order to stay clean and attractive. The YES Team services are contracted out to a private company, and managed by the Ybor City Development Corporation.

YES TEAM June 2019

Contact the YES Team

727-459-8549 |  Scott Law lawholdingsinc1@yahoo.com

The YES Team provides around-the-clock clean-up services seven days a week to include the following:

Hardscape Cleaning – Routine pressure-washing and deodorizing sidewalks, streets and alleys, sidewalk blowing and alley cleaning.

Common Area Litter Control – Daily cleaning of 7th Avenue and the inner district as well as weekly litter pick-up in residential areas to include trash, tree debris and illegal dumping.

Landscaping – Weekly mowing, line trimming and edging of city right of ways to include: tree trimming, raking and general landscaping duties.

Other Services – Responsible for cleaning the City’s public restroom facilities, reporting safety problems, assisting the public and serving as Ambassadors to the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District through their visible, uniformed, public presence in the community on a daily basis.

The YES Team office is currently located at 1419 E. 4th Avenue Unit B, Tampa, FL 33605 and their phone number is 727-459-8549.