Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

We asked members of our community to tell us about their experience of living and working in Ybor.
Read what they had to say below and watch this page as we add more!

When I ventured to open a new business, Ybor City was my first choice.

Lisa Lawson, Owner
Cerealholic, Café and Bar 

“When I ventured to open a new business, Ybor City was my first choice. I had to be here. Ybor City has such a beautifully rich and historic past. I wanted to be part of the future, as well. The community here is like none other. During the pandemic, Ybor businesses and residents found a way to persevere and come together to maintain the claim-to-fame Ybor City has established. I have lived in Tampa for almost 40 years now and have seen so much growth and excitement. Ybor City has always been anchored in its rich history through the dedication of the residents, business owners and ancestors.  While it has maintained the integrity of its past, there has been a charge to offer all visitors a way to experience this one-of-kind beautiful city. New concept businesses mixed with historic businesses offer a diverse experience for visitors. My business is excited to be part of Ybor City’s rich and diverse future. I have been told throughout my hotel career that I am a walking talking billboard for Tampa Bay. My passion is with Ybor City and I will be here to make sure everyone knows what we have to offer.”

We can walk to restaurants, coffee shops and bars within minutes…Ybor is my happy place and I’m eager to share it.

Marcia Austin
Ybor Resident, 2017 – Present

“My husband and I moved to Ybor City three years ago seeking a walkable lifestyle in a culturally diverse community.  We wanted to park our cars for days on end, access urban amenities, and be surrounded by people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and interests.  In some ways, our expectations have been met.  In other ways, they have been wildly exceeded.

We can walk to restaurants, coffee shops and bars within minutes.  When the newly constructed bike lane on Nuccio Parkway is complete, biking will be easier and safer.  Clearly, we need more retail in Ybor, but even with some shortfalls, Ybor’s walkability is the best in Tampa – hands down.

Before moving here, we equated the Ybor culture with Cuban cigars.  Now we know that our history is a colorful potpourri of Spanish, Cuban, Italian, and German as evidenced by the stunning historical buildings that housed the ethnic social clubs at the turn of the century.  A walk through Ybor allows us to experience that history with all our senses, checking out a variety of artwork, tasting delectable food, and listening to all kinds of live music. Did you know that there are nearly 30 venues that offer live entertainment in Ybor with everything from piano bars to all kinds of live music?

Tough experiences, like the pandemic, allow communities to reflect and reaffirm or reinvent themselves.  If we hit a refresh button here, I hope it’s to make our cultural treasure even more accessible with live music in public places and more events during the day or early evenings before the late-night crowds move in.  Ybor is my happy place and I’m eager to share it.”