Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

1st Place: Ybor City (Never Let It Go)
by Mike Baluja


A song about my lifelong love affair with Ybor City…set to pics, past and present.


Ybor City (Never Let It Go)
written and recorded by Miguel Baluja
featuring Tony Garcia on Vocals

Through the veins of Ybor City
Run the varied breeds and bloods
That’s the way it came together
That’s the way it always was

Take a trip down 7th avenue
Watch the miracle unfold
A city rich with hidden treasures
A million stories to be told

Ybor City’s in my heart
It’s got a place inside my soul
And it will be that way forever
I will never, never let it go, no
I’ll never let it go
I’ll never let it go
No no no
It’ll be that way forever, and ever, yeah, yeah
I’ll never let it go, I’ll never let it go, I’ll never let it go,
I’ll never let it go, aaah…

I’m in love with Cigar City, yes, I am
And with it’s bold and brilliant past
The buildings, homes, the streets, the people
This is a love, a love that’s gonna last, yes, it is

2nd Place: 102 Degrees
by Paula Nunez

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tampa City Ballet presents 7th Avenue & Ybor – 102 Degrees, a short film about the cycle of life, loss and love. In 1918, the cigar factory workers in Ybor City were among the hardest-hit communities by the Spanish Flu in Florida.

102 Degrees takes audiences on Teresa’s transitory journey. In her delirious state, Teresa’s memories of history, love and loss illustrate the universal cycle of life.