Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

1st Place: The Colonel- Heart of Ybor
by Lynn Rattray

In 2016 a law was broken. In the dark of night, a dingy bedraggled rooster was dropped off in the streets of Ybor City. Thrown away by his owner, he had little chance of survival in the feral community and his future seemed bleak.

Fast forward, this throw-away ascended to become the superstar of Centennial Park. He soon became stunning in both appearance and character and was dubbed, The Colonel.

The Colonel’s kind spirit of community still permeates the square, and as I sit in silence, a tear falls for a life well lived.

2nd Place: Ybor Vibe
by Brian Morris

This was a piece I put together and painted for a close friend that played in a jazz band for many years all over Ybor City, based out of the Italian Club. It is a 5′ x 3′ acrylic, enamel and mixed media painting on framed canvas. The history and feel of Ybor City are depicted throughout the lower cityscape using iconic photos of the people, buildings, and rich history of this beloved city. The skyline embraces the architectural features of The Italian Club, Centro Ybor, Ybor Cigar Factory and of course The Columbia Restaurant. The Jazz Band players, depicted as a single unbroken line, engulf the city and flow through it

3rd Place: Some Things Never Change
by Tracy Brown

In this photo there is a well-known man to the Ybor community, smoking his cigar just outside of the beloved Nicahabana Cigar shop.

To me, it looks as though he is staring out upon 7th avenue, taking in how much has changed over the several decades in Ybor, while his soul has remained still.