Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

Faces of Ybor

The “Faces of Ybor” video series showcases vignettes of Ybor City stakeholders, these testimonials share unique and inspiring stories of success from the actual people who live, work and thrive in Ybor City. The series includes topics on history, education, redevelopment, new businesses, cultural diversity, special events and much more.

Ariel Quintela: Building more in Ybor

Ariel Quintela has been renovating buildings in Ybor City for years. In each project, he not only restores the building but the history of it as well. “Faces of Ybor” explores the stories of those who make this community great.

Roberto Torres: Entrepreneurship in Ybor City

From the corporate world to a coffee café, Roberto Torres lives the American dream. Torres is the owner of The Blind Tiger Café and Black & Denim, a clothing company.
He shares his success in the latest video web series, “The Faces of Ybor.”

Lynn Kroesen: Growing a Saturday Market in Ybor City 

Lynn Kroesen’s love for markets comes from her Midwest roots. Today, she serves as the manager of the year-round Ybor City Saturday Market.

Dr. Shawn H. Robinson and the Ybor City Community

Dr. Shawn H. Robinson, HCC Ybor Campus President and Ybor City Development Corporation Board Chair, discusses the different phases in a typical day in Ybor City and why he calls Ybor City home.