Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

As a resident or professional in Ybor, there are a spectrum of great ways to get involved in the community. Ybor City Community Redevelopment Area operates several special interest committees with a wide range of focuses. Check out the district’s many committees, clubs and special organizations and get involved today!

Public Safety and District Operations

Our community is a melting pot of cultures, religions, ages, and backgrounds. To help keep that melting pot active and engaged, we need to ensure that it is safe for everyone. Working in close connection with the Tampa Police Department, the Public Safety and District Operations Committee helps develop new policies and programs to keep Ybor safe for everyone, addressing topics such as environmental crimes, code enforcement, venue security, parking, solid waste, and overall cleanliness. Sign Up Here!

Economic Growth and Mobility

Ybor City is more than just a historic district; it is a hub of economic activity and growth! Everyday new businesses and residential properties look to our city as their new home. The Economic Growth and Mobility Committee works to ensure our district is welcoming to businesses while ensuring vital infrastructure exists to support it by focusing on planning, infrastructure grant programs, transportation, and open space.Sign Up Here!

Community Preservation and Sustainability

Do you love the art scene in Ybor? Are you passionate about our district’s history, distinct flair and overall quality of life? Then join our Community Preservation and Sustainability Committee! This committee focuses on culture, arts, special events, marketing, workforce development/education, workforce housing and grant programs, business retention and recruitment grants, historical preservation façade grant, community connections and overall quality of life.Sign Up Here!


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Ybor City Community Redevelopment Area Committees