Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

Quiet Developer Makes Big Impact in Ybor

Darryl Shaw, Ybor City Developer and Investor

CEO of BluePearl, Darryl Shaw with his dog Charlie

He wasn’t born in Ybor City, but CEO of BluePearl Veterinary Services, Darryl Shaw, is determined to revitalize one of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods.

After a failed remodeling attempt in the district in the 1980s, Shaw didn’t give up his hopes of redeveloping Ybor City.

“I fell in love with Ybor City, with its history and culture,” said Shaw, who is drawn to its immigrant backstory, diversity, architecture, authenticity, proximity to downtown Tampa and access to transportation. “It’s all there, and it’s rare.”

The Tampa Bay Times puts the spotlight on the man behind some of the historic renovations.

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