Tampa Bay's National Historic Landmark District

Reinvention and revival have always been a part of Ybor City’s history, and they play an equally important role in Ybor City’s future.

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Doing Business in Ybor City

Ybor City’s population of both large and small businesses is growing quickly. From the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and number one selling brand of furniture in North America to numerous high-tech software start-ups, Ybor City is seeing an influx of large corporations and tech-savvy entrepreneurs moving into this historical cigar-making entertainment district.

Whether it’s the walkability or the amenities, owners and employees alike are swarming to Ybor City because it fits the dynamics of a technology-based generation of workers seeking a better balance of work and quality of life.

Many enjoy the open floorplans and creative space with the occasional rooftop decks or a more traditional refurbished shotgun shack restored to its original form. Either way, businesses are seeing the direct results and are creating workspaces where people work hard, but then are able to socialize after work in a safe and fun environment; all within walking distance.

Some of the more popular incoming industries to Ybor City include: professional services, retail, technology, manufacturing and wholesale/distribution. Some of the smaller retail businesses thriving in Ybor City include restaurants, galleries, bars and entertainment venues.

The Historic District includes two Community Redevelopment Areas, known as CRAs. Both CRAs are governed by adopted community redevelopment plans, which enable them to spend tax increment finance (TIF) revenue on capital improvements and other programs and projects vital to the Historic District. As the District continues to grow and appreciate in value, more TIF dollars become available.

If you are interested in opening or relocating a large corporation or small business, please contact the Ybor City Development Corporation at 813-274-7937 or by e-mail.

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